If you would like to take the time and measure your deck, we have designed a very sophisticated restoration calculator for you to use in obtaining an instant cost estimate. To use this instant cost estimator you must have accurate measurements of your current deck. Click below to use this tool or simply continue filling out this form and we will contact you. For larger more complicated decks it's best to request a free estimate below


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1. Deck and/or Fence Restoration. Includes cleaning by pressure washing with detergent and/or strippers, sealing and staining of deck and/or fence, supporting posts, rails and steps if any.

a. Is the deck/fence accessible for us to work by exterior steps?

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d. Is there a stain on your deck now, and if none, what brand name?

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d. Interior painting

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Single family dwelling Townhome Splitlevel Multilevel and number of levels

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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide you a written estimate. I promise you the highest quality of professional workmaship and results. I look forward to meeting you. Kind regards, Jonathan Shambarger, Owner and President. WeRestoreDecks Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.