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we restore decks

Screen Replacement

we restore decks

Screen Replacement

"Amazing small business with great owners and employees. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a porch, deck, or screening job. They installed Screeneze on my existing porch in a single day and I could not have been happier with the finished product."
Taylor D
Annapolis, MD

Replace Old Screening

Update your existing screenroom by letting our team remove the old screening and replacing it with new, high-quality, durable screen. We can also clean and restore your screenroom in the same timeframe, giving your outdoor living space the makeover it needs.Screen rooms, sometimes called sunrooms, are probably one of the nicest additions that a family can make to their home, right up there with adding a deck.
The main difference between a screen room and a sunroom is the windows. Most screen rooms use only screens in a window frame and no glass.
Sunrooms are more like what the name implies. They use windows with glass, some designs have windows that open, others do not. Also, some sunrooms use glass panels in the ceiling for maximum warmth and an increased viewing area.
Regardless of which one you want; we can build you a sunroom or screen room that you can be proud of.

Screen Room Builders in Annapolis

Our meticulous preparation and craftsmanship allows us to produce a screened in area that blends seamlessly with the rest of your deck and home.
screen room before
screen room after

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Screen Room Possibilities

There are some options when it comes to building one of these desirable rooms, some of which you may not have considered.

1. Overhaul Existing Porch

If you have a front or rear porch, you already have half of a room built! Turning your porch into a screen room or sunroom is one budget option that everyone loves!

2. Use Your Deck

While decks are super-enjoyable on their own, many can also perform a secondary function by building a screen room on top of the existing base. Some decks are not made to support the weight of the windows that a sunroom would require, but we will be happy to tell you if your deck is suitable for this or what it would take to make it so.

3. Use an Existing Patio

This is always a great option for sunrooms. If you have an existing patio with a cement or tile floor, it should be able to withstand the weight of windows and glass. You can still use your porch and/or deck for entertaining, but imagine using your sunroom as a greenhouse for plants and still have full use of your patio?

Hire a Professional Screen Room Builder

Everyone loves to Do-It-Yourself, but some things, such as screen rooms or sunrooms are better left to the professionals.
There is a great deal more to consider than simply putting up window frames, including: