NEW PROGRAM: How to Maintain Your Deck Yourself!

The Ultimate Revenge against: False Guarantees, Planned Obsolescence, Myths, and Lies

Once we have done your deck or fence, laying down the proper base of stain/sealant after a thorough gentle cleaning, you will automatically be enrolled in our soon to come, “self maintenance program”. We will teach you every step of how to maintain your deck yourself. This program will let you take ownership of your deck so never again, will you need to hire us or anyone else to maintain your deck, unless this is your preference.

If you are not capable or not interested in doing the work, but still want to maintain control over the processes, we intend to make our instructions so detailed, you can instruct anyone who is a bit “handy” how to do the work for you. This will enable you to use someone with whom you’re already familiar, such as your painter, handyman, or gardener to get the job done, even if they have never worked on a deck before.

Bear in mind, that when we do your deck, under normal circumstances, you’ll not need to do anything for several years, depending on the specie of wood, hours and intensity of UV exposure, hydrocarbon deposit rate of your location, the propensity for mildew growth, and the condition of your deck when we first worked on it. So this program is not something you’ll need to use right away to re-stain your deck. We will include many techniques for you to keep your deck in optimal condition, such as how to deal with slivers, curled boards, nail pops, standing water, sanding problem spots, etc.

It may seem we are putting ourselves out of business, since “recurring revenue streams” are such a high priority in most business models today. Not to worry. Every day, individuals and “commercial pressure washing companies” are wrecking decks by using business models that are designed to maximize their profit, not your least-cost, long-term peace of mind. Constantly, there is new business being created for us, by ignorance, misinformation, planned obsolescence and outright incompetence. The web and the “big box stores” are replete with good intentioned “bad advice”; by experts who are not experts, but opportunists or obedient employees. Daily, we see examples of decks which must be stripped of stains that have failed after only a year or two. This new program is our ultimate revenge against this wave of perceptions that decks need to be serviced every couple of years, or they will self-destruct. Generally, this is patently false.

I’ve decided the best way I can make a contribution against this pernicious tidal wave of misinformation is by putting in the hands of our customers, credible information based on actual experience using the techniques and products we use every day, with great success.

I look forward to working with you toward the goal of independence instead of dependence for the maintenance of your exterior wood structures.

Kind personal regards,

Jonathan Shambarger, President