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Our Restoration Process

Why You Should Consider

Dock Upgrades

It can be easy to overlook the maintenance of your dock, especially during the fall and winter months when it is getting little to no use. We all tend to pay more attention to current daily needs and demands, or what we want to do once we are out on the water and not so much how we got to the water.

This can mean that your dock has hit hard times in terms of wear and tear. You might be wondering if it would be better to simply start from scratch and build a new dock.

There are a number of factors for boat dock restoration projects, and we measure each aspect carefully when deciding on what work needs to be done. Ultimately, it is up to you and whether a restore is right for your dock. Let’s look at some common dock issues and what a restoration might entail.

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Dock Restoration Procedures

Some of the more common dock restoration measures we use include:

Should You

Restore or Replace Your Dock?

Depending on the type of material your dock is made from and whether it sits in salt or freshwater. Since docs can have issues in all different shapes an sizes, it can often be difficult to determine whether you can get away with a few repairs and upgrades, or if you need a complete restoration. Luckily, professionals like us are more than capable at seeing the gray area and knowing which option is more suitable for your situation.

Some jobs are simple enough to see; one or two deck boards with rot can be easily replaced. If your entire dock, however, has become faded, worn, with a few rotten boards and rust stains? Well, that’s another story.

Complete Dock Inspection

A professional inspection is always a good idea when a dock has reached a certain point. This would include an underwater inspection of the pilings. It’s pointless to clean and stain a dock when the pilings are rotten and could capsize the entire structure!

Common Dock Issues


If you used a beautiful golden hardwood for your dock, has it turned a dingy grey or, worse still, a greenish-black color?

Rotting Wood

Even with regular maintenance, wood that is in the water or close to it, especially saltwater, will eventually start to rot. No wood stays young and fresh forever, no matter how well you maintained it.

Warping or Bending

This is a common problem that often requires replacement of the wood. While one or two deck boards can be made flat again with a bar clamp, a large number of warped boards will simply need to be replaced.


If your dock has both wood and metal, rust is going to show up eventually. You can try home remedies to remove it, but heavy stains usually mean replacing some parts and using a commercial rust remover.

Signs That You Need a

Dock Replacement

No one likes the thought of replacing their dock. The mess, the time, the inconvenience, not to mention the price!

Unfortunately, this is sometimes necessary. This is where a professional inspection can be invaluable. Our experts will be happy to inspect your dock and give you estimates for both restoring or replacing your dock. Signs that you might need a full dock replacement include:

The types of repairs your dock might need will depend on the materials that your dock is made from and whether it’s a floating dock or permanent dock.

Are You Considering

Upgrading Your Dock

Sometimes, boat docks are built for a certain sized boat, but what happens if you decide to upgrade to a larger boat?

If your current dock no longer suits your needs, it might be time to consider a restoration to a longer or larger dock. Maybe even a completely new dock to suit your new purchase.

Whether your dock needs a small repair, a large restoration, or you need a completely new dock, you can trust the professionals at We Restore Decks. Our experts will be happy to discuss your dock and give it a full inspection.

Don’t let another day go by, wondering if your dock will last another winter.

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