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Meet the team


Jonathan Shambarger

President / Sales

Jonathan started this business from the ground, up. He’s an entrepreneurial adventurer, who believes that quality and character are key to doing good business. Jonathan never stops learning, and works constantly to help our clients improve the value of their homes.


Morgan Smith

Lead Estimator

Prompt, honest, and detailed, Morgan is an upstanding gentleman and an excellent Estimator. He’s a pro at needs-based estimating and is a phenomenal listener.

About We Restore Decks

We help preserve the value of your home. Your deck and fence are the most valuable assets that “frame” your property. We are specialists in wood deck and fence restoration, repair, and remodeling.

Professional Quality

In choosing your deck specialist, please remember that just because someone has a pressure washer, doesn’t mean you should let them work on your deck. An excellent knowledge of wood is critical to achieve outstanding results with your deck or fence. Outstanding results are our SPECIALTY.

Passion & Leadership

With a desire to provide real value to homeowners, an acute attention to detail and a passion for outdoor living spaces, President & Founder, Jonathan Shambarger and the team at We Restore Decks will surely provide you with the best service available in maintaining and beautifying your deck.
Starting off as carpentry major in vocational High school, Jonathan has gathered an array of experience throughout a 20 year span, all dealing within the home construction and maintenance sector in the Annapolis Maryland and surrounding areas.
From framing new construction homes, to managing projects for two of the largest home remodelers in the area, Jonathan has had not only the physical, hands on, experience but he’s also had the opportunity to work directly with thousands of homeowners; understanding their wants and needs.
In addition to this, Jonathan’s passion and knowledge of wood is an integral part of the value he brings to your project. He thoroughly plans for what needs to be done to revitalize, beautify and preserve your wood for many years… at very competitive prices.

Mission Statement

Who We Are

We’re an Annapolis based family-owned small business, working to help people and change the service industry one deck at a time. We specialize solely in deck work, with top-of-the-line tools and equipment, and an excellent team with unparalleled experience.

What We Do

Our premium deck restoration, remodeling, and repair services allow homeowners an affordable avenue to maximize their outdoor living space, while receiving excellent communication and customer service from start to finish.

Our Impact

We help clients bring new life to their old decks without breaking the bank. Proper deck care is a major investment, and we believe that customers should be afforded consistent high-quality results and a smooth experience throughout.

Service Area

Deck repair, maintenance, and replacement services in Maryland.

Due to increased demand for our services, we are able to help customers who live in the following areas of Maryland ONLY.