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Dock Restoration and Repair

Revitalize and Renew

Dock Resurfacing

We Restore Docks. Our name says it all.

If you have an old dock that is splintery, old or rotting, We Can Help!

After 20 years, the dock surface is almost always ready for replacement. Our dock resurfacing service will rejuivinate your old weathered dock to a “like new” condition.

Our Trusted Process

Dock Restoration

If you have a nice dock that isn’t too old or beaten up by the sun, hydrocarbons, pressure washing abuse or wood rot, then a restoration (clean, sand and stain) might just be right for you!

dock board replacement in annapolis, md
Large and Small

Staining Docks

We don’t really recommend staining a dock unless one of the following situations applies: 

1- the surface has already been coated with something that is failing!

2- You just want “something” to help protect the wood a little bit…. ( we can provide a variety of products and explain the pros and the cons)

3- You are looking for a specific “look” to match your house and or “theme” of the property.


Othewise, we recomend not staining or treating the wood,…. simply let it go and age naturally.. The wood will develop an almost natural defense of growth on top of the wood that basically protects the wood from excessive uv damage (which is the number one offender btw)

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