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Dock Restoration and Repair

dock restoration annapolis md
Revitalize and Renew

Dock Resurfacing

Do you have an aging dock that needs updating? We can help with our dock board replacement program. 

We use quality materials, professional workmanship and strategic planning to bring your dock back to life. Our Experience in working with docks gives us the ability to perform the work swiftly and efficiently.

Our Trusted Process

Dock Restoration

We provide our clients with a simple way to upgrade an existing dock through our trusted method of cleaning, staining, and sealing the wood surfaces. With years of experience with various types of wood and weathering patterns, we know exactly what your dock needs and how to keep it lasting from summer on through to winter and beyond.

Large and Small

Dock Repairs

We provide both large scale and small repair services to Annapolis dock owners. Dock repairs come in all shapes and sizes, and each project needs specific attention to trouble areas within the dock structure.

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