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Terms and Conditions

we restore decks

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing We Restore Decks, Inc (WRD). We are honored that you trust us with your deck and home. Our promise to you is that we will do our best to give you the results you are looking for. Our goal is to save you time and money by taking ownership of your project and treating it as our own. If at any time you have questions or concerns, we want you to ask. Our office line is: (410) 263-6270. Please don’t hesitate to call. In the meantime, please read these Terms and Conditions thoroughly.

  • MAIN BULLET POINTS – (Summary Only. Please read the entirety of this document.)
    • Estimate approval signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions. 
    • Please read your project description thoroughly and let us know if you have questions. 
    • Any changes must be in writing and costs for changes must be paid. 
    • Deposits must be made to secure your place on our job list. 
    • Customer must be home on the final day to sign-off on our work and make final payment. 
    • There are fees associated with electronic payments. 
    • Most work begins approximately 5-8 weeks after sign-up, but it is all weather dependent. 
    • Trust your experienced technician to schedule appropriately. 
    • There are limits to our work guarantees. See below. 
    • In order for work to begin, we need a clear space and access to water and power. 
    • Customer has five day right-to-cancel. 
    • All contracts are governed by Maryland Law.

    • By approving this estimate, the customer agrees to the Terms and Conditions of this work agreement and agrees to pay the total estimated cost for work performed, as well as the cost of any supplemental work added to the contract following the original estimate.

    • Please refer to the attached Estimate for individual project description. 

    • Any alterations or deviations from the work specified in this Agreement will be performed only upon receipt of written orders and acceptance thereof by WRD. Any costs relating to changes shall be the responsibility of the customer and considered in addition to the original contracted amount. 

    • See attached Estimate for project price breakdown. 

      • A minimum deposit amount of 10% must be paid at sign up in order to secure the Customer’s place on our Job List.
      • For projects involving new deck builds, deck remodels, or other construction work, a 1/3rd payment is collected at sign-up to secure the Customer’s place on our Job List. 
      • A second 1/3rd payment will be collected upon commencement of work. 
      • Final payment will be collected at job completion. 
    • Most of our customers choose to pay by cash or check, but we do also accept all major credit cards and EFT (all EFT’s are subject to 1% processing fee and charges of $2000 or more are subject to an additional 2% processing fee)
    • All final payments are collected upon completion and work must be signed-off on by the customer. If you expect to be out of town on the day of completion, please make us aware so that appropriate arrangements can be made.
    • All workmanship guarantees will be in effect as of the work completion date, however, no work related to said guarantees will be provided unless final payment has been made in full. In no event shall a delay in Customer payment extend any warranty/guarantee period. 

    • Due to weather and other factors, we are unable to schedule in advance. Please refer to our Welcome Email for general timeframes. 
    • By approving your Estimate, you agree to allow WRD to make all decisions regarding weather-dependent work. We are seasoned professionals, and to keep our schedule queue flowing, we must be able to complete any portions of work we can, even if conditions do not seem ideal.

    • We ask that you are home on the final trip in order to sign off on our work and to make final payment.
    • It is the responsibility of the homeowner to be present to give final approval of the work before our team leaves.  
    • Any final walkthrough requests must be made when the technician is scheduling the final day of work. Once our team has finished, the job is considered complete. 

    • Because we are seasonal and have a heavy workload, there is no set timeframe for warranty/service calls. 
    • We will work to accommodate these calls as quickly as possible but cannot schedule in advance and it may be weeks before a technician is available.
    • All warranty calls will be completed based on the geographic and workload availability of your assigned technician.

      • We guarantee the application of semi-transparent, semi-solid and solid stains for a sixty-day period. 
        • If the stain bubbles, peels or flakes within sixty days of your service date, we will provide one warranty call free of charge. 
      • Limitations/Exclusions: 
        • Guarantees do not apply to decks ten years old or older (aged wood is unpredictable and depending on prior treatment and weather exposure, new stain may not adhere properly)
        • Oil stains for hardwoods (such as ipe, cedar, cumaroo, etc.) are excluded.
        • Heavy acrylic coatings are excluded.
        • Wear and tear are not covered, i.e. foot traffic wear, pet damage, etc. 
        • Color choice changes made after staining are not included. If a customer is unhappy with the color the new stain, a new estimate must be approved for re-coat at current market rate. 
        • WRD not responsible for environmental deposits such as pollen or dust left on deck after service completion. 
        • Wood cracking/curling after stain service excluded (wood can sometimes crack or curl after the staining process due to lack of moisture content before staining and/or exposure to weather and heat; especially older wood). 
      • We guarantee our carpentry work for a period of 24 months. If any repair fails, we will provide one warranty call free of cost.
      • Materials are not warrantied by WRD. 

    • WRD is not responsible for faulty well pumps, plumbing, or capacity issues.
    • Closure of all windows/doors will be the responsibility of the customer. WRD is not responsible for water leakage into the home. 
    • WRD is not responsible for damage to personal items left on or around the deck.
    • Customer is responsible for removal or alteration of items such as electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc. which may be necessary for work do be performed on the deck. 

    • Customer has the right to rescind this agreement within five business days after the agreement is signed. Cancellation must be in writing and received by WRD within those five business days. Thereafter, any products ordered and/or work performed by WRD must be paid for in full. 

    • The validity, interpretation and performance of this agreement with respect to any provision stated or not, shall be governed by the laws of the State of Maryland. All parties agree to submit all disputes which cannot be mediated to the courts of the State of Maryland only. 


Deck restoration is a seasonal business in our area because of temperature, moisture, etc. We typically operate from mid-March to around early November. This means that we must be extremely efficient with time in order to provide our services to all of our existing and new customers each year. To make this possible, we have a refined process that we’d like you to be aware of. The following is a general outline of what to expect when you hire us to restore your deck:


  • Mark the estimate as ‘Approved’. This acts as your digital signature within our contract.
  • If you have a specific deadline, please be sure to discuss it with us at the time of your estimate.
    • *PLEASE NOTE* We service our customers in sequence, according to estimate approval, weather, and deposit payment; this system is in place to allow fair scheduling for all customers.
  • Our office staff will send out our ‘Welcome’ email, providing information on the process and what to expect. This email confirms that you are properly entered into the system, gives you a re-cap of our process and lets you know that we are working to meet your needs.
  • For Restoration work, we typically collect 10% of the job total as deposit to add you to the schedule queue. Some jobs may require a 1/3 deposit, if merited by the need for materials.
  • We will be in touch as we get closer to starting work for you. Work on your project will commence within the timeframe discussed previously (weather dependent, of course).
  • We want the process to be easy on you, so we only ask that the customer is home on the final day of work to sign-off.  
  • If other contractors are scheduled for work during the timeframe that we’ll be working on your deck, please notify us ahead of time. We need to be able to properly coordinate if that is the case.
  • Water spigot must be turned on (anywhere on the home is fine).
  • Notify us if you are on well water and if there are any issues with water capacity or with your well pump.
  • Electric outlet must be accessible and turned on. If the outlet is not covered, water may trip GFIs in your home. If any power goes out following our services, please check all GFI reset buttons. 
  • Doors and windows must be shut tightly near the deck and in any other areas we are working, to avoid water/dust from entering your home. 
  • If you have experienced any issues with water getting in through a closed door or window, please make us aware before we begin work. Additional steps may need to be taken, such as securing plastic over a patio door, etc. 
  • We need access to the deck; if you have a gate with a latch/lock, please make sure you unlock it on the day we are scheduled to come out.
  • Items should be removed from both on and under the deck. A clear surface makes for the best work environment for our team. We do offer furniture moving services at an additional cost if needed (seniors 65 and over may request this service for free).
  • There is always some potential for overspray of water and/or stain. If you have any valuable items that need to be covered or moved farther away, please make arrangements to do so.


  • We average 5 to 8 weeks-time from sign up to completion. During the busiest times in our season, scheduling can take a bit longer, but we do our best to keep our average. Again, this will always be weather dependent.
  • DEADLINES: If you have an event that requires us to be finished by a certain date, be sure to discuss this with your sales representative up-front so that we can make special accommodations, if possible. We will work hard to make sure your needs are met.
  • NOTICE: We typically provide notice the night before. Due to weather dependency, we cannot give more advanced notice in most cases.


  • Most deck restoration takes approximately one to two weeks from start to finish, but this may vary due to weather and scheduling. Inclement weather sometimes keeps us from completing the sanding and staining portion of jobs in our queue. This means that we may end up with several decks that are clean and ready for the dry work phase at any given time. If we end up cleaning your deck towards the end of one of the “wet” periods, then it will likely take us a bit longer before we come back out to finish the job. Please do not be alarmed or concerned. We want you to continue using and enjoying your deck between phases. Any dirt, debris, pollen, mud, etc. that we find upon our return is typically removed during the sanding and prep steps.
  • Please note that we can complete much of our work in rainy conditions. Our technicians are experienced and are trained to make responsible choices with regard to working in the rain. In fact, some rain can be helpful in the cleaning process.
  • By approving your estimate, you agree to allow We Restore Decks, Inc. to make all decisions regarding weather-dependent work. We are seasoned professionals, and to keep our schedule queue flowing, we must be able to complete any portions of work we can, even if conditions do not seem ideal.
  • Our technicians are very experienced and friendly. Feel free to ask them questions throughout the process.


The Process: 

  • Our estimator likely gave you a ballpark timeframe for when work will begin. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this timing, please call our office or reply to this email.
  • Once we are closer to your project start date, we will communicate with you regarding materials drop-off, job specification inspections, etc. If you need us for anything in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 
  • You will not need to be home for us to begin work but are welcome to be if you like.
  • If you have any special requests for placement of materials when they’re delivered, please let us know. 
  • As your start time approaches, please make sure that you remove all items from your deck. We want to be sure that your belongings are cared for, and that our technicians have as much of an open workspace as possible. If there’s anything that needs to be tarped or covered, please let us know in advance. 
  • We can provide furniture/item moving services at an additional cost if needed (seniors 65+ receive this service for free). 
  • Our technicians will need access to water and power on the exterior of your home. Please make sure that these are on and available outside or let us know if special arrangements will be needed. 
  • We have a great deal of experience in deciding on weather appropriateness. Please trust our judgement with regard to weather and scheduling. 
  • If there are other contractors scheduled to do work around your deck within the same timeframe, please let us know ahead of time so that we can coordinate accordingly. 
  • Job Completion: 
    • You will only need to be home at the time of job completion. We ask that you are there to sign-off on our work and to arrange final payment. If no one is home at this time, the job will be marked as complete without signature. Please see our Terms and Conditions for our Work Guarantee procedures. 
    • Most of our customers choose to pay by cash or check, but we do also accept all major credit cards and EFT (all EFT’s are subject to 1% processing fee and charges of $2000 or more are subject to an additional 2% processing fee). There is, of course, no fee for cash or check.

Please feel free to talk with us throughout your project. Our office staff is happy to answer any questions you may have, and our friendly technicians enjoy open communication with our customers. 

We look forward to developing an ongoing relationship with you, and your deck! Thank you again for your business.